In this article I am going to emphasize the importance of Highly detailed and comprehensive Boat Plans. These would mainly include wooden Boat Plans and Kits that are easily understandable to read and follow. The idea is to have all your homework done before you start with the building of such a project. Now lets see if I can persuade you to Build your own Boat.

We all know the price of new and used boats are reaching new heights. So it’s no wonder that a lot are of people thinking of building their own. A warning though, do you have the time and patience to tackle such a project? You have to decide, since while you’re building, you’re not sailing or fishing, and if you buy a used boat,you could be spending a lot less time fixing up a good used boat instead. If YES, you have enough time, and have the desired working space to be comfortable in while your building your boat, and a couple good friends to occasionally give a hand and some advice, than your on your way to building your very own boat.

When Using Wooden Boat Plans, It Is Important to Not Cut Corners and Follow the Plan Exactly as Written. This Will Ensure Your Boat Maintains Structural Integrity and Will Last A Lifetime!


1) Choose the type of boat you want to build

There are many different choices, consider what your needs are. Will you be using this boat only by yourself, or will other family members and friends be going on boat cruises  with you? What do you intend using the boat for? If this is your first boat project, you should aim to start small. This may very well be the only boat you will ever build, for this reason it must be practical. Perhaps a small cabin boat or maybe a fishing boat.


 2) Decide on your method

If you are building a wooden boat, there are many different boat building methods to choose from. For beginners, stitch-and-glue plywood is probably the easiest method to use and learn for your boat project.

Having easy to follow, detailed, and well illustrated boat plans will make your boat building project seem like a breeze.They do not need to be expensive, as long they are well detailed and comprehensive.

4) Acquire all the materials you will need

Make sure your working area will be available for the whole time you anticipate working on the boat and that there will be enough space to physically manoeuvre the boat in. Once finished your boat will have to be moved, allow for that.

Why you should Build, and not Buy?


There are many advantages to building your own boat, instead of buying one, you will have the feeling of pride & accomplishment when you’re finished. The boat will look, be equipped, and built the way you want it to be.You will save a lot of money, when compared to a New one.

Should you, Would you, and Could you? You may be here contemplating if you should buy a boat, or build your own boat? The beauty of designing a boat, is that you can include all the storage, equipment, and all the options you want for much less.


Build your own boat and have all your friends and family envy you. Don’t miss this opportunity for more information. It will  give you what you need to succeed.



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